National IT Crew LLC is a Virginia based implementation contractor specializing in the EF&I of wired & wireless networks, fiber optics, and tower services.

About National IT Crew LLC

National IT Crew's (IT Crew) expertise began in the WISP market when we built a WiFi network consisting of over one hundred towers which serviced customers in under-served rural areas of central, northern, and eastern Virginia. IT Crew then leveraged that expertise to become a leading technology contractor. We assist and advise other providers and venders with their wired and wireless networks, their tower services, and their fiber optic needs. IT Crew has installed more than one hundred miles of fiber, thousands of WiFi Access Points and constructed more than than five hundred last mile sites. IT Crew has worked in nearly any environment from the roof tops of high rise buildings in Harlem New York to the streets of Boston Massachusetts, and the mountains of West Virginia. Through IT Crew's history, our clients have told us that the talent, competency, and dedication of our staff are our most noticeable distinctions. Our diverse staff of motivated individuals works harder and longer than anyone in the industry and the outcome is projects completed correctly, on time, and on budget.

image D&B Member IT Crew
image Comtrain Certification IT Crew
image BelAir Certification IT Crew
image CPR & First Aid Trained IT Crew
image Fiber Optic Certified IT Crew
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image Osha Certified IT Crew
image Ruckus Wireless Certified IT Crew
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